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Screenshots 'n stills, 'n behind the scenes

Simple Questions - Xtreme Productions, Simply Amazing, LBP Productions, Axman, Freesprite Media

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I know what you're thinking...


Well, let me explain. I was born at an early age (ok no more jokes, I'll leave that to the professional comedians of this world - who aren't necessarily funnier, just better at delivering the funnies at a more appropriate moment... and in a better way) ...and despite discovering a  fascination with acting, and with those mad, brave, charismatic, wonderful people who did it - the actors - it took me a further four and a half decades to admit that it was what I wanted to do myself... despite not being particularly brave, charismatic, or wonderful.

It took a mid-life crisis, a divorce, a motorcycle and two different women (neither of whom actually realised it) to finally get me to sign up to an acting course - at the Theatre Royal in Norwich, way back in 2011, and I haven't looked back since. Since then, I have been on the stage pretty consistently, as well as performing in numerous interactive murder mystery events in and around Norfolk,  before finally turning pro in 2017.

Since then, I have attended a screen-acting masterclass at the legendary Pinewood Studios in Slough, and have just  finished two weeks filming on my first feature-film role - details of which will emerge here as and when I'm allowed to publish more... 

For now - Onwards and Upwards! 


About: Bio
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